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Provider TFS

TFSProvider : Provider for Team Foundation Server to browse items one TFS

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CmdLet list

CmdLet Description CmdLet Description
Add-Branch Creates a branch Add-Files Adds files
Add-Label Creates a label Add-MemberProject Adds members to a project group
Add-Project Creates a new project on the server Add-QualityBuild Add a new Quality for a Build Project
Add-WI Create a Workitem for a given type and project name Add-Workspace Add workspace in Team Foundation Server
Clear-Builds Cancel Build Get-AllProjects Retrieves information about every project
Get-AllWorkspace Get all workspace for a TFS Get-Build Get All build for a project
Get-Changeset Retrieves changesets from one or more projects Get-ChangesetByWI Retrieve all changesets for a given workitem
Get-Diff (Modify) See the difference between two server folders Get-Files Retrieve files from a server folder
Get-Label Get-AllChangesSinceLabel
Get-LastVersion Get last version for files and folder Get-LogTFS Save events in an object collection (Adding/Removing file, Check-in...)
Get-MergeInfo (NEW) Get information merge for a branche, Folder, files Get-ProjectMembers Retrieves members of a project
Get-PendingStatus Get the pending changes Get-SpecificVersion Get a specifique version for files and folder
Get-TFS Connects to a Team Foundation Server Get-WI Gets a specific version of a work item by its id or URL
Get-WIQueries Retrieves all work item queries from a project Get-WIs Runs a work item query
Get-Workspace Get workspace for a Name and a owner Remove-Files PERMANENTLY delete one file or more
Remove-ProjectMembers Removes members from a project Set-Merge Performs merge between branches

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