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The Add-Label cmdlet enables to add a label to a team project on one or many elements.

Obtain the TFS server using the Get-TFS CmdLet.


Name Description Example
-tfs TFS server obtained using Get-TFS $tfs = Get-TFS -rul http://address:8080
-labelName Label name
-scope Root element to apply label on
-description Label description
-typerecursion Recursion type desired (Full, OneLevel, None -TypeRecursion Full
-item Element to apply label on

Exemple avec -id

Windows PowerShell
PowerShell for Team System
By Noham Choulant

PsTFS > : $tfs = tfs colmar

PsTFS > : $r = Add-Label -TFS $tfs -LabelName MonLabel -Scope $/test -Description "My Description" -TypeRecursion  Full -Item $/test
Successfully created label MonLabel

PsTFS > : $r

Label                                             Scope                                                                                        Status
-----                                             -----                                                                                        ------
MonLabel                                          $/Test                                                                                      Updated

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