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The Remove-ProjectMember CmdLet enables to remove people from team project groups. The parameterization can be done using a text file.

Obtain the TFS server using the Get-TFS CmdLet.

Warning : For now, the Remove-ProjectMember command does not allow the remove in WSS 3.0 and Reports Server.


Name Description Example
-tfs TFS server obtained using Get-TFS $tfs = Get-TFS -rul http://address:8080
-projectName Project name
-userName User name COLMAR\Noham
-roles Set of roles to remove the users from Contributors;Project Administrators

Example with a text file

Windows PowerShell
PowerShell for Team System
By Noham Choulant

PsTFS > : $tfs = tfs colmar

PsTFS > :

PsTFS > : $content = get-content C:\Users\Administrateur\Desktop\PowerShell\users.txt

PsTFS > : $content
Antonin|Contributors;Project Administrators
Noham|Project Administrators

PsTFS > : foreach ($line in $content) { $tab = $line.split("|") ; Remove-ProjectMember -tfs $tfs -ProjectName VSTS.Noham -UserName $tab[0] -Roles $tab
Noham is remove in Contributors
Choulant is remove in Contributors
Antonin is remove in Contributors
Antonin is remove in Project Administrators
Noham is remove in Project Administrators

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